Patrick Sassone


Patrick Sassone is an international recording artist and actor whose music has been heard in over seventy countries. He has a worldwide fan base and is a writer affiliate with B.M.I. He began his career at the age of five with the accordion and taught himself to play the guitar in his early teens. Patrick's first group was called Patrick and the Shamrocks and it included two cousins, a schoolmate, and himself. They recorded a 45 on Orlyn Records called "Yes, That's What I'm Gonna Do" and were chosen to be an opening act for Country great Billy Walker. This group disbanded within two years. He had the privilege to meet Leonard and Phil Chess of Chess Records, who had taken an interest in his talent. The direction and guidance they gave him have stayed with him his whole life. At the time, Patrick was the guitar player and songwriter for a group called "Society's Children." The following year they had a regional hit with their record "Mister Genie Man," which is still available today. A couple of years later, Patrick was introduced to Curtis Mayfield at Mayfield's recording studio outside of Chicago. The insight Curtis gave him, as well as the kindness and professionalism he showed, made a lifelong impression. Patrick continued to write and perform in the Rock, Country, and Blues genres, eventually leading him back to his musical roots. To quote this artist, "music sets my soul hope, to dream, to just be me"!